Most of our customers prefer service once a week. Other service schedules are available, please contact us for a plan that serves your needs best.
Yes. Dogs keep making their messes all year long, and we continue to clean up and remove dog waste through winter.
We work in most weather, but snow or very cold weather can stop us. If there is more than about an inch of fresh snow, a day or two before your service day, we will cancel that week's service. If snow stays on the ground for more than a week, but there is no new snow accumulation, we will clean up to prevent excessive accumulation. We will usually work in the rain, although a very heavy rainfall may stop us.
No. As long as we have access to the yard and the initial payment arrangements have been made.
In most cases, yes. We get along well with dogs; however, there are some cases when a dog will not let us into the yard. If you know that your dog is not good with strangers, or it becomes apparent that your dog will not allow us to clean the yard, then we ask that you let your dog inside or contain them while we clean the yard. We don't want to take unnecessary risks with your dog or ourselves.
If your dog will be gone from the yard for a week or more, or for any other reason, you want us to skip a scheduled pickup, contact us a day or more in advance, we can hold service and you will not be charged. There will also be no charge for service missed due to weather or some other event beyond your control. However, if your gate is locked or your dog will not allow us to clean the yard when we arrive, it may be necessary to charge for the service call that could not be completed.
The waste is double bagged and left for you to be disposed of properly or can be hauled away for a small additional fee.
Our tools are cleaned between each stop, using a veterinarian grade, broad spectrum disinfectant to kill ALL known bacteria and virus, which includes the microorganisms that cause parvovirus, kennel cough, and distemper.
We are a pay-in-advance service. We send out invoices on or around the 15th of the month with payment being due by the 1st of the service month. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, check, money order and cash. Paying for the first month is recommended during our initial visit, as well as any initial cleaning charge if we agreed to one. If for any reason you choose to stop your service somewhere in the middle of any given month, we will refund the remaining balance in your account.
We do not require contracts, there is no minimum service period, and there is no advance notice required to cancel service.
There may be an extra charge for the first service depending on the amount of waste accumulation.
Sure! One time only or short-term service may be easily arranged.
We strive to provide perfect service, but if there is ever a time when our service is not completely satisfactory, please let us know within 24 hours. We will make it right either by coming back to re-clean the yard or by crediting your account.
We take this very seriously. Payment is always due by the first of the month. Our monthly service fees are always paid in advance for the month we will be servicing your yard. If we have not received your payment by the 1st, service will be suspended. If you request to resume service a few weeks later, we may need to charge more for the initial cleanup if the waste has not been picked up during the time we did not provide service.