Dog Waste Management

West Life

October 30,2002

Dog Waste Management offers a no hassle, affordable dog waste clean-up service. Mike Miklosovic heard about this guy in Columbus a couple of years ago that started this business. We thought it was a unique idea and the more he talked to his friends, the more he was told "I'd pay somebody to pick up my dog poop."

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Couple has the scoop on Rover's leftover

The News Sun

April 10, 2003

Spring is here and for Brook Park resident Mike Miklosovic business is picking up. Of course for Miklosovic business is picking up whatever the time of year. He's in waste management - Dog Waste Management, to be exact.

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They did it their way

Cleveland Jewish News

April 15, 2005

If Doe Miklosovic is pooped at the end of the day, it is no wonder. She and her husband Mike are the owners of Dog Waste Management, a company that, as the name suggests, eliminates the task of picking up outdoor dog waste.

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Dog Waste Management (Small Business)

Crain's Cleveland Business

June 12, 2006

Doe Miklosovic remembers her first thought when her husband, Mike, detailed his plans for a new company. "I thought, `Are you crazy? We're going to support ourselves scooping dog poop?'''

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