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April 10, 2003

Couple has the scoop on Rover's leftovers

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Spring is here and for Brook Park resident Mike Miklosovic business is picking up.

Of course for Miklosovic business is picking up whatever the time of year. He's in waste management - Dog Waste Management, to be exact.

Six days a week, Miklosovic can be spotted driving all over northeast Ohio in his Volkswagen Beetle, which he calls the dung beetle, after the coprophagous insects that keep the prairie clean."When I started the business a year or so ago, I had a truck," Miklosovic said, "but I was spending a fortune on gas. Since I don't transport the waste, I could get away with a smaller vehicle, as long as my tools fit in the back."

Miklosovic said he went with the VW Beetle because it is an icon - a car that's recognized worldwide, but still gets attention.

"People notice the Beetle, then they look at the sign," he said.

Miklosovic said he and wife, Doe, started the

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April 10, 2003


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business after the high-tech manufacturing firm where he'd worked for about 10 years decided to downsize.

"We wanted to become self- sufficient," he said, adding that companies have "no dedication or loyalty anymore."

"I figured I'd retire from the manufacturing company, but I guess they had other plans."

Miklosovic said he and Doe looked at a few different business ideas, when saw a news story about a man in Columbus who started a Pet Butler business.

"I talked about it with some friends and the said they were pretty busy these days and the would hire someone to clean up the yard," he said.

After he initial jokes and laughter such a business generates, Miklosovic said the idea started to make sense and appeal to him.

"I'm kind of a jack-of-all- trades, I could have done anything," he said. "I used to work as a landscaper and I like working outside, so I started thinking about it seriously. A lot of people thought it was a kind of neat idea and there aren't a lot of people out there doing it."

Before he knew it, Miklosovic formed Dog Waste Management, built his own tools and was his own boss.

"We decided we didn't want to get cutesy with the name," Doe said. "We didn't want anything like Poopy Scoopy, or some of the other names we heard about. We wanted something neutral that wouldn't offend people."

Miklosovic said he and Doe just offer a service that a lot of people find valuable.

"We're not out to gouge people," he said, " Our rates are reasonable and seniors and guide dogs get a discount."

He said rates are determined by the number of dogs in the household. "That's really the only way to do it, since yard sizes vary so much," he said.

The weekly at for one dog is $7.50, with $4 extra for each additional dog. Bi-weekly rates are also available, as well as every-other week, spring cleanup and special one-time visits. Spring cleanup costs $30 for a one-dog home.

"Some people call us and say they're having a party, can we come and clean up for them," he said, "We can usually accommodate them."

Miklosovic said he travels all over Cuyahoga and most of the surrounding counties, grouping visits by region to save on gasoline.

"The whole idea," he said, "is to go into an area, hit a bunch of houses and leave. That keeps the cost down and keeps it affordable.

"We even have a special rate for neighborhood signups."

Doe said Mike handles the field work and she runs the office and does the billing, but if the business grows to the point where they need to add another hand, she will be happy to handle the dirty work, as well.

"We're working for ourselves now," she said. "And we do a good job."

"We figure if we treat the customer's yard like our own yard, we'll keep people happy."